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Tax Consulting

Tailored approach to internal auditing system of Sree Pradha helps you to increase shareholders satisfaction.

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We are specialized in rendering comprehensive profession services to various Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Firms and Companies which includes the followings

Sree Pradha is one of the leading internal audit service provider in India. With more than two decades of specialization in Internal Audit / Operations Audit, Sree Pradha has a well documented audit methodology akin to the best practices adopted worldwide.

Sree Pradha is known for its ability to craft tailored solutions. Our well balanced approach has helped organizations accomplish intended objectives by continually minimizing threats and maximizing opportunities.

Our process based audit approach enables managements and the board of directors to take smarter decisions regarding the types and the level of controls necessary to achieve the organizations objectives.

Sree Pradha has a tailored approach to internal auditing system; it helps you to increase shareholders satisfaction.

The auditing services we undertake are

  • Half-yearly Service Tax Returns
  • Quarterly TDS Returns
  • Monthly Sales Tax (VAT) Returns
  • Excise Duty Returns
  • Wealth Tax Returns
  • Professional Tax Returns
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Divident Distribution Tax
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